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Part 4 of the Agent Developer Guide

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Many Python libraries, especially LangChain, use ENV variables to configure their behavior and these ENV variables often contain secrets like the OPENAI_API_KEY.

You can easily map ENV variables to secrets and to global variables using the enviroment configuration entry.

This is an example of passing the OPENAI_API_KEY to the agent and also configuring LangSmith integration:

      className: example.ChatBotService
        - key: "OPENAI_API_KEY"
          value: "${secrets.open-ai.access-key}"
        - key: "LANGCHAIN_TRACING_V2"
          value: "true"
        - key: "LANGCHAIN_ENDPOINT"
          value: "${ secrets.lang-smith.api-url }"
        - key: "LANGCHAIN_API_KEY"
          value: "${ secrets.lang-smith.api-key }"

With this syntax you can leverage the secrets management of LangStream to pass secrets to your agent.

If you have multiple agents in the same pipeline, they won't have access to the secrets of each other.

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