Build and install from source

LangStream uses Maven as its build system. When the below script is run the project source will be tested and compiled, and the container images will be built.


  • Docker

  • Java 17

  • Git

  • Python 3.11+ and PIP

Clone the project

This will clone the latest code of the project into the "langstream" folder.

git clone

Build the project

These commands will compile source, build the CLI tarball, and install Docker images.

cd langstream
pip install -r requirements.txt

Test local changes with mini-langstream

If you want to test local code changes, you can use mini-langstream.

mini-langstream dev start

This command will build the images in the minikube context and install all the LangStream services with the snapshot image.

Once the cluster is running, if you want to build and load a new version of a specific service, run:

mini-langstream dev build <service>

... or for all the services:

mini-langstream dev build

Locate the CLI

During the build, the latest CLI is created in the bin folder.

./bin/langstream --version

Please note that this CLI uses the conf/cli.yaml file for configuration, and it does not behave the same way as the CLI installed with brew, which uses the $HOME/.langstream/config file with a different format.

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