LangStream supports both Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar as message brokers to store and exchange data between agents.

There is also experimental support for

A LangStream application chooses the message broker at deployment time, and the choice is made in the instance.yaml file.

You can find here how to configure the topics in your application.

Choosing a message broker

The message broker is chosen in the instance.yaml file, using the "broker" section:

    type: kafka
          bootstrapServers: "kafka.default.svc.cluster.local:9092"

The LangStream runtime is pluggable and supports multiple message brokers. The current version supports Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar but you can add your own implementation. If you're using a different message broker, you have to provide the implementation of the "streamingCluster" interface, feel free to open a GitHub issue or reach out to the community on Slack if you need help.


Check out the reference configurations for Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar

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