Configuration for a LangStream streaming instance.

Please note that support for is still experimental and is not recommended for production use.


Connect to a Pravega broker with the following configuration:

  • The Controller URI

  • The Scope

In Pravega, a scope is like a tenant, which is a namespace for your topics. In Pravega the topics are called "streams".


Configuration for a standalone instance looks like this:

    type: "pravega"
            controller-uri: "tcp://localhost:9090"
            scope: "langstream"        

Start the Pravega standalone instance with this command:

docker run -it --rm -p 9090:9090 -e HOST_IP=host.docker.internal -p 12345:12345 pravega/pravega:0.13.0 standalone

Start the LangStream docker chatbot example with this command:

export OPEN_AI_ACCESS_KEY=your-key-here
langstream docker run test \
   -app \
   -s \

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